There are a range of features available for free VPN connections, and more if you consider a paid VPN service.

Consider the following when making a choice about which free VPN to use.

  • Data and connection security options. What sort of security and technology is being used to encrypt your data?
  • Server location options. Where in the world can you connect to and appear to be accessing the internet from? Important if you want to access services and websites restricted to certain countries.
  • Speed of the connection and any limits. Free VPNs will limit the amount of data that can be sent in a given period, the speed of transfer, and the type of connection available, such as streaming video. Check what limits are in place.
  • What does the VPN record or log about your internet activity and the data you transfer? Some free VPNs may log and use your activity across their network, so it's best to check.
  • Range of support for different devices. Does the VPN support your PC, operating system, tablets, mobile phones etc?
  • Restrictions on P2P or Torrent use. Some free VPNs may not allow, or limit, the use of Peer-to-Peer (P2P or torrent) downloads and uploads. There are many legitimate P2P downloads and file sharing applications that may be limited by a VPN.

VPN Privacy